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Guide To Renting A Vacation Rental
The main attraction behind renting a vacation rental instead of any other type of accommodation is simple: you get more for your money. For the same prices of what an average cramped little hotel room would cost, you can have an entire property, condo, or apartment all to yourself. Because of this, the vacation rental industry is booming. Millions of people all over the world are renting their vacation accommodations from property owners rather than hotels, and they are getting a much higher quality vacation.

So how does it all work? Well it's quite simple really. All you need to do is find the place in the right area that looks like the right property for you, and then contact the owner directly and discuss the available dates as well as the cost for your stay. That's where Get Lost Rentals comes in. We're here to help you easily find your perfect vacation rental, and connect with owners. Browse our listings to find your accommodations!

The vast majority of all vacation rental lettings are an extremely smooth process. However, like any other type of accommodations, there will be some issues that arise from time to time. Here are some helpful tips about renting a vacation rental, and avioding any unwanted issues:

1.  Always confirm the location of the rental, and it's location within your destination, directly with the owner.

2.  Always ask about the total cost, including all extra fees before commiting.

3.  Make sure you completely understand how, when, and where you will get the keys to your rental.

4.  Make sure to confirm the exact dates that you wish to stay.

5.  If any features or amenities are extremely important to you (such as internet or air conditioning), ask the owner to double check that they will be working properly.

6.  Ask about the owner's policy regarding pets, smoking, refunds, cancellations, damages, check in and check out times, cleaning, extra fees, and maximum occupancy.

7.  Ask to have a written agreement signed before paying any money to the owner.

8.  Ask the owner when the photos were taken, and if the property still looks the same.

9.  Pay with a credit card. Credit card companies will allow you to dispute any charges for up to 60 days after the charge should something go wrong.

10.  Enjoy yourself cause you deserve it!

If you have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding our process or our website in general, we'd love to hear from you!

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